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7-Eleven Ventures into the Metaverse with Fortnite Collaboration

7-Eleven Explores the Metaverse Through Fortnite Collaboration

In a bold move, 7-Eleven delves into the 7-Eleven Fortnite Metaverse, integrating its car-centric advertising into the popular game, Fortnite. This initiative, as highlighted in a recent press release, showcases the brand’s innovative approach to marketing.

Fortnite players will embark on a quest to find 7-Eleven branded cars scattered across various islands. Clues available on 7-Eleven’s social media platforms will guide them. Successful discoveries unlock access to the “There Car” Island, a hub for a virtual car gathering.

Blending the 7-Eleven Fortnite Metaverse with Social Media

7-Eleven’s strategy seamlessly merges the metaverse with social platforms. Players who share their in-game locations on platforms like Instagram or Twitter can win enticing rewards, from custom gaming chairs to a permanent gamertag statue on the exclusive island.

The Bigger Picture: 7-Eleven’s Gaming Strategy

7-Eleven’s foray into the gaming world, especially the 7-Eleven Fortnite Metaverse, is not an isolated event. The brand has consistently harnessed car enthusiasm to engage mobile consumers. This treasure hunt, combining their vast social media presence with Fortnite, aims to captivate younger audiences. It also promotes 7-Eleven’s delivery service, a feature often advertised to gamers.

The treasure hunt is more than just a game. It directs users to “There Car” Island, where they can explore a tailor-made 7-Eleven store and fuel station. Sharing images from designated spots on this island can lead to rewards, including a $500 credit for 7Now Delivery and weekly fuel discounts.

Marissa Jarratt, 7-Eleven’s EVP, Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer, emphasized the brand’s commitment to innovation. “We consistently engage with our customers in novel ways. From sharing car selfies on Instagram to curating car-themed merchandise and even introducing our unique vehicle model, Model 711.”

This campaign complements the brand’s previous initiatives, like the launch of its retail media network and a collaboration with Rocket League. In the latter, players could customize their cars with 7-Eleven branding after making specific in-store purchases.

7-Eleven’s marketing strategies have evolved, embracing trends like brand revamps and musical branding. Notably, the brand revamped its iconic Slurpee drink’s logo and cup design and later collaborated with rapper Flo Milli for a Slurpee-centric song.

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