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Seamless Transition of Real Estate Data for IHC

IHC Database Migration Seamless Transition of Real Estate Data

  • Category:Database Management & Acquisition Integration
  • Clients:IHC ABU DHABI
  • Date:July 2022

RIMDC partnered with IHC to undertake a significant challenge: the seamless transfer of a vast database containing customer and business information following their acquisition of a prominent real estate company. Our expertise in data management and migration ensured that IHC could integrate this new wealth of information without disruption, setting the stage for a smooth transition and continued business growth.

The Challenge

Acquiring a real estate company brought IHC not just assets, but also a massive influx of data. This data, crucial for business continuity and customer relations, needed to be integrated into IHC’s existing systems without loss, corruption, or downtime. The sheer volume of the data, combined with its varied formats and the need for accuracy, made this a complex task.

The Solution

RIMDC’s approach was systematic and thorough. We began with a comprehensive audit of both the acquired database and IHC’s existing system to identify any potential compatibility issues. Customized migration tools were then developed to ensure data was transferred accurately and efficiently. Throughout the process, rigorous checks were in place to validate data integrity. Post-migration, we provided support to ensure that IHC’s team could access and utilize the newly integrated data seamlessly. Our meticulous planning and execution ensured that IHC could leverage their new data assets from day one of the acquisition.