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Managed WordPress Hosting

Maximize your WordPress site’s potential with RIMDC’s Managed Hosting. Secure, fast, and scalable, it’s the perfect foundation for your online success.

$29.99 every month

  • *Service Level

    All Managed WordPress plans include:
    • Maximize speed, performance, SEO
    • Proactive threat blocking & security
    • Automated WordPress & PHP updates
    • Customizable themes & workflow tools
    • Effortless 1-click staging & backup
    Additional Options


RIMDC’s Managed WordPress Hosting is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to maximize their online presence without the hassle of technical website management. Our hosting service is specifically designed to optimize WordPress performance, ensuring your website operates at lightning speed, boasts top-tier security, and delivers a seamless user experience. With RIMDC, you gain access to premium features such as automatic WordPress updates, daily backups, and real-time threat detection, all managed by our dedicated team of experts. Our scalable hosting solutions grow with your business, supporting everything from small blogs to large e-commerce sites. By choosing RIMDC, you benefit from increased website uptime, enhanced SEO, and reduced load times, all contributing to higher visitor engagement and conversion rates. Trust RIMDC to keep your WordPress site running smoothly, allowing you to focus on what you do best: growing your business.


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